Picture of CNC machining in IDaho Falls

What is machining?

Mold manufacturing utilizes machining methods to create and modify objects made of metal. Mold manufacturing includes the process of changing the size, shape, and surface of many types of materials by removing or cleaning up the surface of the object. It is often used as an alternative to molding and casting. CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) Machining provides consistency, accuracy and repeat-ability for customers who are looking for custom machining services in Idaho Falls and the Eastern Idaho area.

Plastics, Inc. provides a wide variety of machining services. We are a full services CNC Machine Shop who provides machining of steel, plastics, aluminum, brass, copper and bronze. We cater to many individuals who require custom mold manufacturing in the Idaho Falls and Eastern Idaho area.

  CNC Machining has the following benefits and advantages:

Mold manufacturing provides more accuracy - Which means lower costs

With the accuracy offered with CNC machining, waste often is decreased which can lower costs significantly. After the CNC machine has been set up to produce a specific part it will repeat processes accurately thus requiring little intervention, if at all.

Faster turnover of product

Parts that could take much longer to make using other methods are created quickly using this process.


The CNC machining process is fully automated, which means the operator is kept out of way, reducing safety concerns.


Most CNC Machines include a feature called "Internal Quality Assurance Detector". This feature ensures that if a mistake is made, the machine stops, ensuring that additional mistakes are not made.

Mold repair

If your tooling is starting to wear and tear, our facilities are fully capable of repairing and renewing most injection mold tooling.


Why choose Plastics, Inc. to machine your parts?

Plastics, Inc. has 26 years of experience in CNC machining and design. When choosing a machine shop, accuracy and efficiency should be considered. The experienced staff at Plastics, Inc. understand that the CNC machine, often called a "smart machine" is only as smart as the individual who operates it. Setting up the CNC machine accurately to begin with is vital to the accuracy of future runs of the same item.

We will be pleased to quote custom machining of precision components in any quantity. We have full CNC milling capabilities. We also have capabilities to handle production machining of high precision components.